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Uttoxeter Show Saturday 10th November

Midlands National Flying club One Loft Series

John Windsor on top of the Ace Pigeon Award

John Windsor the owner of the Ace Pigeon on the left with the Loft Managers

 With the 2018 One Loft race series going so smoothly quite a few contestants were taking an interest in the possibility of one of their birds lifting the Ace Pigeon Trophy and the £1000 in prize money. When the times were worked out it was certainly a ‘close shave’ with a bird owned by John Windsor and bred by his brother being a son from his superb breeding cock ‘0008’ which is a Vandenabeele x Soonjen containing the lines of ‘Wittenbuick’ and ‘Magic Star’. The dam of the Ace pigeon is a granddaughter of Koopman’s famous ‘Kleine Dirk’. Both of these parents originated from the Jack Cornes owned ‘Galaxy Lofts’ so yet another superb performer coming via what was one of the finest breeding studs until it’s recent closure.

  In 2nd spot was the ‘fancy a flutter’ entry ‘Swanny’ which was bought by Mellisa Swancott and was bred by the recent MNFC Bordeaux National winner Mark Williamson. A mere two yards split these two birds with the Windsor pigeon recording 1516 with the second bird averaging 1514. Belper fanciers Brian & Sue Stone followed their 3rd placing in the final which was flown from Carentan by following it up with the same result in the Ace pigeon ranking so obviously a top quality pigeon which I’m sure will be in big demand when the birds are to be sold in a few weeks time. The actual format of the sale is yet to be decided with so many birds still in the lofts. Believe me these birds are now tried and tested and will enhance the lofts of the people who purchase them either in the stock loft or ‘broken out’ and raced because they have all proved their flying abilities.

 I have included a few photographs with this piece including a picture of ‘Snooker’ and Alan with the cake baked and decorated by Jim Smith’s wife Pat because the couple who being locals realise just how much effort the lads have put in to make this year’s race such a big success. A lovely touch which I know the boys really appreciate.

MNFC One Loft birds At  Carentan

The birds resting at the racepoint at Carentan just before the liberation

The beautiful skies over Carentan on the race day.

A few of the people waiting and studying their mobiles for the time during the tense time before the birds arrival home.

It's all over, a job well done and a big thumbs up from the management with their celebration cake.

Mike Lakin    

Midlands National ‘One Loft’Race

Wow what a finale!

F. Connor and Son Lift the Top Spot

 The Midlands National enjoyed a wonderful final ‘One Loft’ race from Carentan when 259 birds were liberated at 9.45am on Saturday the 1st September and competing for £26,400 in prizemoney by Adam and John the convoying team and the lads must have done a good job of looking after the birds because 166 birds have made the result with quite a few more home just out of race time. It is testimony to the Loft Management team that after the three ‘Hot Spot’ events only 30 birds failed to make the final race. They in fact receive ‘back handed’ compliments from a few of the locals who couldn’t believe that in such a difficult season so few birds could have gone AWOL and the rumour mill suggested that they never went to the declared racepoint of Hullavington well for anyone one who is in any doubt give Mr Brind the farmer who owns the land a call as it was he to whom I gave the liberation fee on the morning prior to releasing the birds.

 The pigeons were sent off to the final with great confidence from the Managers who declared the birds to be in great shape this was confirmed when even the birds that had flown for ten hours plus homed in great shape.

 Taking the first prize of £13,000 is a bird entered by Frank & Michael Connor who hail from Durham recording a velocity of 1592 for the 260 miles journey. Then two birds arrived together just over a minute later belonging to B R & A and the BBCS syndicates who will lift £5481 and £4534 respectively . In 4th place a Blue Cock belonging to the Mr Potato Heads team lifts £2442 closely followed by ‘Swanny’ one of the most consistent performers who could well figure in the 2018 ‘Ace Pigeon’ award.

   The full result is on the MNFC’s Website and I will provide more details on the winning birds when the ‘Ace Pigeon’ is announced. In the meantime well done to all of the team who made the race a massive success this season along of course with the people who entered the series of races.

Mike Lakin    

The MNFC Are All Ready for the One Loft Final

OL 2017 004

The birds homing from one of the flights

Following a very good build up and three successful ‘hot spot’ events the final race from Carentan is awaited with great optimism. Much of the credit for this is down to the Managers Ian and Alan. I have worked closely with the lads and appreciate the amount of work and effort that they have put into the One Loft management this year. They also gave it their all in 2017 but this time they learned a lot because believe me One Loft racing is entirely different to managing one’s own team of birds. The main problem being that with birds coming in from so many different sources keeping the pigeons healthy can be a nightmare but thanks to Schroeder Tollisan, our testing expert and a lot of effort by the lads the battle has been won and the birds look pictures of health. This comment has been endorsed by the visitors who have seen the birds at first hand and the fine condition that the birds look on their return with even the late comers looking in good shape. I think that this is the secret to their success this season along with the good weather that has enabled the birds to be trained down the road virtually every day being mindful to avoid the midday heat. Proof of the excellent condition of the pigeons is told when you consider that entry for the first race was 295 entrants and now after a opening flight of 105 miles a second 135miler and a final hotspot from Portland a distance of 170 miles there are still 241 birds in the loft with a good number still expected home over the next day or two which will be in good shape and ready for the final cross channel event.  When one considers the heavy losses this year reported by many fanciers no one can say any other than well done to the loft managers with a share of credit also to the convoying team.

   These are the Prize winning entrants from the first three events with a £1200 Prize pot for each race leaving over £25,500 still up for grabs in the final and a further £1000 for the series ‘Ace Pigeon’.

 Hullavington   295 birds 1st Alorelie  1259 , 2nd J Pearson 1258.9, 3rd B.R.A. 1258.6, 4th Everton 1258.58, 5th Porter & Kelly Bros 1258.56, 6th Tracy’s Dream Bird 1258.4, 7th Mick Mellor 1258.3, 8th Nora Timmis 1258.2

Wincanton  288 birds    1st Brian Clayburn 1759.5, 2nd Alorelie  1759.1, 3rd P Robinson 1758.9, 4th Porter & Kelly Bros 1758.6, 5th Colin Lloyd 1757.8, 6th Mick Mellor 1757.8, 7th N Robinson 1757.6, 8th P Longland 1756.8

Portland 279 birds   1st Ian Jackson 1469.3, 2nd Mr Potato Heads 1469.0, McLaughlin 1468.99, 4th A Tonks 1468.94, 5th Last chance 11 1468.93,  6th Malc Timmis 1468.7, 7th Alorelie 1468.6, 8th G T Wallett 1468.3

  The full results and pool money winners is on the MNFC Website by clicking on OL race and then clicking race results.

  Let’s hope that the final is another successful race to round off a great season. Visitors especially those who have entered the race are welcome to watch with us for the arriving birds.

                                                                                                 Mike Lakin