Loft List 2018

Please click on Loft List 2018 from the menu above. Select the Loft List 2018 from the drop down menu.

Please check the date on the Loft List. This list will be updated on regular intervals. 

Live Leaderboard

When the birds arrive home from training or the hotspot races the birds will automatically upload to the Live Leaderboard. This is currently empty as training has not started yet! 

SMS Text Message

When your bird arrives home you can get it to send a text message to you with the time it arrived and its position to the loft. This is a new service for 2018. We trialed this in 2017. We will be updating a payment system to subscribe to this service. 

Pool sheets for the hotspot races

The pool sheets will be emailed to all competitors. Hard copies will also be available to download from the site. We are working towards being able to pool online.