Rules 2018


1.     The race is to be named the MIDLANDS NATIONAL FLYING CLUB ONE LOFT RACE. 

2.     The Committee' is the MNFC Race Management Committee, which is a sub-committee of the MNFC Full Committee.  Elected Members OLR COMMITTEE: Mr R. Jones, Mr J Dodd, Mr G Daykin, Mr M Lakin, Mr P. Humphries, Mr J Mee, Mr J Turner.

3.     The loft manager for the 2018 season is Mr I. Fradley.

4.     The location of the loft is at ST5 6AW

5.     Entry to the MNFC OLR is open to RPRA members and those of any recognised British Union. (What about fancy a flutter members?)

6.     The Entry Fee will be £125 per pigeon. 

7.     A £30.00 per deposit pigeon non-refundable deposit will secure your place/s. 

8.     The maximum capacity of the loft will be 750 pigeons. 

9.     Full payment must be made prior to the bird’s acceptance and must be received at least 14 days prior to the bird’s arrival at the Loft, unless arrangement by prior agreement with the loft manager.

10.  Entry Cheques are to be made payable to ‘MIDLANDS NATIONAL FLYING CLUB'. All correspondence sent to


Mr I. Fradley

42 Douglas Road

Cross Heath



Stoke on Trent


(All correspondence will be taken to Sue Lakin and inputted into Excel and TPRS system. Pete to help. Mike banks cheques. Separate paying in book and 3 bank books).


Pool entries sent to:

P. Humphries

48 Station Road





11.  On receipt of final payment entrants will be sent an 'Entry to the Loft' form. This form MUST accompany the pigeon(s) together with Transfer Form(s). No pigeons will be accepted at the loft until full payment has been received.  

12.  A pedigree must be supplied for all birds, which are being sent to auction. This must be completed no later than four weeks after the final race.  Failure to do so may result in fanciers forfeiting their 50% of the sale proceeds. It is the fancier’s responsibility to ensure the club receives their bird’s pedigree(s). This is to enable us to produce a sale’s list and maximise revenue for the club and fanciers.

13.  All pigeons must be rung with only one current ring for year in which the race is to be flown. They can be rung on either leg. The electronic ring will be placed on the other leg. 

14.  All the relevant details of the electronic ring and registration ring will be entered onto a protected computer database. 

15.  The loft will be open for the acceptance and delivery of youngsters between the 14th March to 30th  April 2018. 

16.  Birds will only be accepted on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 9.00hrs - 15.00hrs at the loft or at Mr Alan Windsor’s, 64 Cauldon Ave, Bradwell, Newcastle, Staffs ST5 8JN between 18.00hrs - 22.00hrs. Arrivals after the closing date WILL be refused entry, unless by prior arrangement with the loft manager ie: via a pigeon courier. 

17.  All youngsters must be between 35 and 45 days old when they are delivered to the loft. This will assist in settling them to the loft. 

18.  All pigeons entered and reported as strays will be repatriated to the loft. 

19.  All pigeons will be inoculated against paramyxovirus, rung with an ETS Identity Ring and phone number on ETS ring on arrival at the loft.

20.  No entries from the loft managers/assistants will be accepted for this race. 

21.  No replacements/substitutions or refunds for birds or fatalities will be permitted except if, at the loft managers discretion, he deems a bird to have been injured during transit to the loft. 

22.  The loft will be maintained in a secure area and there will be security systems in operation. 

23.  An electronic clocking system will be installed into the loft and used for all training, three Hot Spot Races and the Final Race. 

24.  All youngsters will carry a telephone number originating from the MNFC to assist repatriation of strays (RPRA Rule 121). All birds entered into the race will be formally transferred to the MNFC/Loft Manager. 

25.  The route for the races will be SOUTH. The anticipated training programme and dates are subject to confirmation and at the discretion of the loft manager/Committee according to prevailing weather conditions at the time. 

26.  The liberation sites for the three Hot Spot Races and the Final Race will be confirmed and publicised prior to each race. 

It is anticipated that the Hot Spot Races will take place Tewkesbury, Hullavington and Portland (dates to be confirmed). If these Hot Spot Races cannot be held on the appointed days due to inclement weather the Committee will have the right to move these to another date and all Prize Money and Pool Money will be flown for on the first available day. 

27.  All training tosses, Hot Spot and Final Races will be dependent on the weather conditions prevailing at the time or unforeseen circumstances that the Loft Manager in discussion with the OLR Committee will be the person(s) to make the final decision regarding the liberation/release time and dates of the pigeons in his charge. 

28.  There will be a comprehensive training programme, gradually building up the distance on a weekly basis. This will be strictly adhered to in order that the pigeons have the proper education for the task ahead of them but subject to the welfare of the birds and weather conditions prevailing at the time. 


29.  The MNFC One Loft Race Licence Numbers are WM YB 21/2017 to WM YB 24/2017 (need updating)

30.  The Final Race will be flown from Coutances on the weekend commencing the 1st September.

In the event of this race not taking place, the birds will be convoyed and liberated with the MNFC’s race on the 8th of September 2018.


MNFC One Loft Prize Money 2018 Total £30,000

3 Hotspot Races £1200 per race

1st = £500, 2nd = £250, 3rd = £150, 4 = £100, 5th - 8th = £50 each

Final Race = £26,400 includes Ace Pigeon Award £1000 

                     2018 Final Race Prize Pot

1st      £13000

2nd     £ 5000

3rd      £ 2500

4th      £ 1000

5th      £  750

6th      £  600

7th      £  500

8th      £  400

9th      £  300

10th    £  200

11th    £  175

12th    £  150

13th    £  125

14th    £  125

15thth    £  125

16    £  125

17th  £  100

18th   £  100   

19th    £   75      

20th £    50

Total=    £25,400     Plus  Ace Pigeon Award £1000

There are 

31.  There will be a Trophy for the winner of the Final Race; also the top 10 pigeons will receive a medallion. 

32.  There will be an "ACE PIGEON AWARD" for the pigeon with the best average over the three Hot Spot Races and the Final Race. The winner will be the pigeon with the highest average velocity over the four races, based on time into distance basis. In the event of a tie, the pigeon winning the highest position in the Final Race will be judged the winner. A suitable Trophy and £1000 will be given to the owner of the winning pigeon. 

The average velocities of the winner and 2 runners up will be published in the Fancy Press. 

(Based on race positions not averages)

33.  DIPLOMAS will be awarded to the first twenty (10) pigeons in each of the three Hot Spot Races and diplomas will be awarded to those pigeons that win the first hundred (20) Open positions in the Final Race.

34.  All races will close at 330 yards per minute. 

35.  Pools are optional. For those participating. POOL MONEY will be as follows in all the three Hot Spot Races and the Final Race: £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £10, £20, £25, £50, £100 and will be paid on a 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% basis. (All pools will be less 15% for administration costs). If there are insufficient pigeons in any of these races to win all of the pool money, the remainder will be equally shared between those pigeons timed in in those pools. In the event of a pigeon or pigeons being untimed and where there are no other qualifying birds with race positions in the pool, individual pool money (less 15%) will be refunded to the fancier(s) who entered the bird(s) in the race. 

36.  A TWO BIRD AVERAGE TROPHY will be flown for in the Final Race. 

37.  News of the race will be published through the MNFC One Loft Website Blog (, and when necessary on the front of the MNFC website. in addition to the MNFC One Loft Facebook page. Information on the longer training tosses, Hot Spot Races and the Final Race will be accessible for all competitors or the general public from these sources to get the results.

38.  Regular press releases will be issued in the Fancy Press as soon as possible after each race. 

39.  Objections must be lodged in writing to the MNFC Secretary within 7 days of publication in the Fancy Press. Where objections to the results are upheld, the amended result will be published in the Fancy Press as soon as possible, and again, objections must be lodged with the MNFC Secretary in writing within 7 days of publication of the amended result. 

40. After the race the pigeons will be auctioned, and the owner will receive 50% of the monies raised and the other 50% will go into a MNFC Special Projects fund. Separate rules for the auction will be published prior to the sale. ‘Fancier a flutter’ pigeons 40% goes to the breeder, 20% to the Club and 40% to the competitor.

41.  In all Hot Spot Races a member of the MNFC Committee will be present at the loft, where possible, at basketing and clocking. 

42.  For the Final Race a member of the Committee (or approved nominee) will attend basketing, and clocking. 

43.  The decision of the MNFC Committee is final.